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(Fanart by じゃむ)
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(c)Kotaro Chiba
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@mr_aryz in Casablanca, Morocco via news.upperplayground.com 

“I always thought that the most difficult thing of painting in big formats was too keep the line gesture and the proportions like in the sketches. My sketches have a lot of mistakes and random lines, and somehow I wanted to reproduce that on a wall. The more effects and colors you use on your work, the more you can hide the mistakes and catch the viewer’s attention… when you use the line and not much more, the mistakes can be easily seen…” -Aryz

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'Eastern Moon' by @usugrow at 'Inkflow' @fifty24sfgallery #SanFrancisco #usugrow #inkonpaper #UpperPlayground
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For a Halloween zine that my class is putting together for fun. I did an Aswang, a type of Filipino vampire. My mom described them as people who were normal during the day, but at night would separate their torsos from their legs and fly around looking for unborn babies to devour with their long, proboscis-like tongues. Aka absolutely terrifying, and I don’t see how any of my Filipino relatives turned out normal after stories like that. 
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